3 Facial Massage Techniques You Need to Know!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Facial Massage Techniques – 3 Great Reasons to Massage the Face
In this article, we will look at the benefits of some facial massage techniques. The 3 reasons discussed below will not only enhance your appearance and reduce your stress, but they will also help the rest of your body function better.

1. Unclog Your Pores and Prevent Blemishes

Even though it is the first thing people see, the face is probably the last place that gets treated with respect and love. On the contrary, it is usually caked in makeup and coated with harsh chemicals to then remove that makeup. Or even worse, it is "treated" with a product that will supposedly make you look younger and more beautiful.

Having a facial massage can not only undo some of this damage, but it can also help you achieve the beauty you are seeking and usually in a much less expensive and intrusive way. Bella from Jojoba Massage reports that the treatment is very popular for executive women as the effects are rapid and your skin looks better within hours of the treatment. Facial massage techniques help to unclog pores, prevent blemishes and much more so you may even end up with fewer things to try and cover up anyway.

2. Prevent Wrinkles and Strengthen Facial Muscles

People don't often realize that their face has muscles just like the rest of the body, and those muscles can fail them. When you massage the chin and neck, you can strengthen the facial muscles and even prevent a double chin, the face can easily be damaged by environmental and emotional factors, it is time to treat it kindly and reap the benefits a short facial massage can do.

By doing this, fewer wrinkles will follow suit and you can look younger longer, so indulge in a massage from time to time, it is good for the soul and your skin. Keep in mind that massages shouldn't last for more than 20 minutes since it is possible to stretch or lengthen the facial muscles.

3. Increase Circulation and Reduce Impurities

Some common facial massage techniques that can help increase circulation are soft, circular and upwards motions. While this can help reduce impurities that will show in your appearance, an even better bonus is that it will help other parts of your body work better too.

The ears, in particular, are pressure points that can stimulate the rest of your body when massaged and pulled back. Do this technique last to finish your facial massage.

So there you have it, not only will massage unclog pores and prevent blemishes, a facial massage will help prevent wrinkles as well as strengthen facial muscles, increase circulation and reduce impurities. If the massage is done correctly, and is no longer than 20 minutes long, either given to yourself or by someone else, it can help you look younger, feel younger and age gradually with style. Studies even show that massage can be classified as a health treatment for a lot of reasons, as the effects go way beyond feelings of relaxation.

Though it is possible to perform some facial massage techniques on yourself, it is much more beneficial if you have someone do a full massage session for you instead. And it is a valuable skill that can be learned quite fast through following professional instruction so that anyone can offer these benefits to family and friends.
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