The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Pros and Cons of Working from Home
I've been working from home since God know how long. Sometimes it's great but sometimes it really sucks. If you're considering of working full-time at home here are some of the pros and cons I've found along the way that may help you decide . . .

What I Like About Working From Home

- You can manage your own time.
- Your bed can be your office.
- Don't have to get ready in the morning. Or NOT at all!
- NO commute. NO traffic.
- You can wear whatever you want.
- You can save more money.
- You spend less money.
- Creating your "dream" workspace.
- You can set your own breaks when you need them.
- You can listen to music or watch your favorite series all day.

What I Don't Like About Working From Home

- It can be lonely.
- Lack of social interaction.
- You're at home all day. It's great yes, but some days it can get really boring.
- You need self discipline.
- There are MANY distractions.
- No reason to dress-up anymore.
- People presume you do nothing all day.
- You have to be self motivated ALL the time.

How about you. What are the pros and cons in your job?

** originally posted on my old blog
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